Archaeologists of the French Archaeological Mission excavating at ancient Kition have established that the harbour basin extended over the whole area of the modern archaeological site, the department of antiquities said on Thursday.

The discovery was made possible thanks to the relocation of the tennis courts.

The mission, under the direction of Dr. Sabinne Fourrier, undertook a four-week campaign in October 2021 with the aim of completing the excavation of the neoria (dockyards) at Lanaca-Pampoula which had been exposed during previous fieldwork that lasted from 1984 to 1999.

The completion of this excavation had been delayed for years due to the presence of tennis courts on part of the archaeological site, the department said.

Two main questions oriented the research at the neoria — the limits and shape of the harbour basin and the possible extension of the ship-sheds towards the East.

kit21 nimfo 0083

sondage 40; vue vers le Sud; locus 0934

Another aim was to pursue the exploration of the stratigraphy of the site down to Archaic and Geometric levels in Trench 11 and to further expose levels of the ‘transitional period’ (12th˗11th c. BC) in Trench 10.

Two trenches in the northern and eastern parts of the site, under the former tennis court, proved that the basin extended over the whole area of the modern archaeological site.

Excavation to the east of the ship-sheds building revealed at least one additional ramp, evidenced by a pillar base. This base consists of a huge limestone block resting on a strong massif of blocks.

20012022 anaskafes kition (3)

To the east archaeologists unveiled a sandstone wall, which connects with another base-like structure, probably functioning as part of a closing wall of the building.

The department also said that the settlement dating to the ‘transitional period’ (12th˗11th c. BC) was further exposed to the North. Part of a very well-preserved house was uncovered, with a succession of floor-levels (chalky floors resting on a layer of small pebbles), with a hearth and a possible artisanal installation.

sondage s10 nord

Sondage S10 Nord