By Katie Wright

Whether it’s a colour refresh or a dramatic cut, transforming your tresses is brilliant way to boost your confidence.
If you’re wondering what’s fashionable in the hair world right now, we’ve got good news. According to stylists and colourists, this year we’ll be seeing the evolution of soft, retro-inspired cuts and customisable colours, as well as the return of some classic styles and flattering fringes.
Here, six hair pros share their 2022 trend predictions…

Bold bobs
Sharp and chic bobs will be back in a big way, predicts Belle Cannan, co-founder Salon Sloane: “Oozing French-girl cool, a bob bluntly cut to the jawline or down to the collar bone is versatile on all face shapes. Style poker straight, or slightly tousled with undone waves and precise middle partings.”
Sonia Evans, senior stylist at Charles Worthington Salons, agrees that “Parisian-style blunt bobs with sweepy bangs” will be popular. “This style typically suits heart or long face shapes, but don’t be afraid to adjust the length to where is more flattering to you.”
Also feeling the continental cool vibes, designer stylist at Live True London Natalia Vera recommends the ‘Italian bob’ cut: “It’s a short bob that reaches more or less to the lips, a length that gives the face a very youthful appearance. It’s a very versatile cut that looks great on any woman, regardless of hair colour, facial shape or age.”

Warm tones
“We have seen a general ‘warming’ of hair colour over the last year, with less bleached and bold colour tones, and this will continue into 2022,” says Sam Hillerby, hair stylist at John Frieda Salons. “We can expect to see lots of soft butter blondes, caramel fudge, spiced cinnamon and rich chocolate browns – a very indulgent, comforting line-up of colour.”
In terms of colour application, balayage (placement of highlights by hand) and ombre will “still be in favour in 2022, but these will have a slight makeover, with brunettes integrating spiced coppers and caramel fudge tones, whilst blondes will enhance their colour using more buttery tones.”

Bespoke brunettes
Christel Barron-Hough, founder and creative director of Stil Salon declares 2022 “the year of the brunette”. Taking inspiration from the natural worlds, the ‘restore’ colour trend is all about calm brown tones “from natural beige through to rich brunette.”
This look can be adapted to suit any complexion, Barron-Hough says: “The key is to layer tones to make it look natural and glossy. For high shine, it’s best to opt for a gloss service, as that will darken the hair but add lots of sheen and vibrancy.”

Face-framing colour
An evolution of the balayage technique, face-framing colour combines a base shade with “highlights or vivid colours that create contrast” around the face, says Paco Latorre, creative director at Live True London.
“For example, we can do a chocolate brunette base with a platinum or warm blonde face-frame. Or in a copper version, doing the face-frame more chunky with a gold blonde or a vivid wine colour.”

Soft fringes
Following last year’s Seventies-inspired ‘curtain bangs’ (to borrow the American term) now, it’s all about “grown-out fringes that frame the face, shorter in the middle and longer on the sides”, says Barron-Hough.
“This style is great if you’re not ready for a full fringe, but would like a change. Shorter pieces frame the face, are beautiful on all hair textures and easy to maintain – this suits everyone and is low maintenance.”

beauty2 pastel hair colour

pastel hair colour created by Stil Salon. PA Photo/Handout. .

Pastel hues
Beyond classic colours, expect to see “a sense of liberation, with pastel hues such as spun sugar, daffodils, palest pink and vibrant purple, mixed and matched with saturated bold hues like harbour blue, pink flamingo and skydive blue”, says Barron-Hough. “This trend looks great when it’s mixed with lots of blonde for contrast.”
Evans predicts “creative colours like dusty rose pinks to be hot for 2022” with pastel tones used to enhance blonde or soft brunette shades: “You could opt for panelling pieces for a more discreet look. These can also be placed underneath your hair for a lower maintenance option.”