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Letter: Shocking example of discrimination against the disabled

File photo: Even the police must learn that parking in a handicapped space is illegal

Bejay Browne wrote at length about the discrimination experienced by guide and assistance dog users in the Sunday Mail (January 30). While this is shocking, it is just one example of how much of the environment in Cyprus discriminates against people with disabilities.

Our cities are clogged with cars. Trees grow in the middle of the pavement, large people carriers and cars routinely park on pavements, so wheelchair users and people with visual impairments navigating with a white cane either cannot pass at all or risk injury. Where there are dropped kerbs and ramps which allow wheelchair users to cross or navigate an incline, they are often too steep.

While the increasing number of pedestrian crossings with traffic lights are welcome, in Limassol, why do major intersections have so few pelican crossings with audible signals to show when it’s safe to cross? More car parks now have clearly marked “blue” parking spaces for blue badge holders, but these are routinely abused. I do not have a disability myself, but who amongst us knows what old age will bring? People with disabilities should not be stuck at home and “invisible”. Our built environment should be accessible for all.


Claire Pillar, Silikou, Limassol


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