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Stories of Intimacy to be told at Limassol exhibition

Δέσποινα Φυσέντζου, restoring the familiar

A new exhibition opening in Limassol this week presents the works of various artists. The Limassol Municipal Arts Centre – Apothikes Papadaki is hosting the group exhibition Stories of Intimacy curated by its artistic director Mariza Bargilly. Opening the show on Friday will be Limassol mayor Nicos Nicolaides.

©painting by nina sumarac
©painting by Nina Sumarac

Thirteen artists are taking part in the exhibition and the showcased works reveal, in a way, aspects of the personal history of each of them, sometimes through symbolism and allegories and sometimes presenting them exactly as they are.

According to the curator’s note, intimacy is often automatically linked to lovemaking or the sight of a naked body. But is that all? Surely the naked body, free from clothes appears more vulnerable and exposed, both in the eyes of a lover and in the eyes of a spectator who observes a work of art. But a space or a location can also be familiar: a country, a landscape, a feeling, or even a smell.

Why do artists over time choose to capture intimacy or lack thereof through their works? It arises as a need to understand their personal boundaries and as an occasion for the beginning of a dialogue between the work and the public, by raising social and emotional concerns. Revealing aspects of personal life free from beautification and idealisation, especially in times like these where ‘looks’ prevail over ‘essence’, is a bold act and requires inner strength. The boundaries between private and public space, both theoretically and literally, are no longer clear; the artist removes the limits, and the private, the intimate, ceases to exist as such.

Until March 19, art enthusiasts can discover the multiple Stories of Intimacy of artists Nikolas Antoniou, Zohar Barak, Marianna Constanti, Renos Efesopoulos, Tatiana Ferahian, Despina Fysentzou, Luis Guzman, Chiaki Kamikawa, Boyana Loizou, Miriam McConnon, Christina Papakyriakou, Nicoletta Papamichael and Nina Sumarac.


Stories of Intimacy

Group exhibition curated by Mariza Bargilly. February 11-March 19. Limassol Municipal Arts Centre- Apothikes Papadaki, Limassol. Opening night: 7pm. Tuesday – Friday: 10am- 6pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm.Tel: 25-367700

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