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Letter: Wheelchair users at huge disadvantage

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After an accident in 2020 I became a wheelchair rider and have been more than annoyed by the fact how many road obstacles we face besides our limitations.

The letter from Mrs Claire Pillar (bravo!) last Sunday sums it all up.

How can a town like LArnaca still replace old sidewalks for new ones without drop curbs. Many car users do not give a centimetre away and simply ‘park’ on sidewalks blocking pedestrians, pushchairs and wheelchair users.

Dangerous phenomena are the very young users of mopeds, racing wherever they decide to travel at great speed on the no-bike promenade along the sea and Finikoudes. Where are the Larnaca bicycle cops to stop both these speed pirates as well as regular bike riders.

My bicycle days are regretfully gone but I hope that town planners do take into consideration that people with disabilities and limitations have been here for centuries and are no longer locked up at home.


Hendrica Bussolati, Larnaca

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