A second post-mortem on the body of a 33-year-old mother came back inconclusive on Wednesday as a peaceful demonstration took place outside the accident and emergency department of Larnaca general hospital after her sudden death there.

The family of the mother of two reported medical negligence as a probable cause for her death on February 8.

Present at the protest by family and friends was State Health Services Organisation (Okypy) spokesman Charalambos Charilaou, who said that since police are investigating the matter, he could not speak on behalf of Okypy in regard to the woman’s death.

“What I can say, however, is that we will assist the family in whichever matter may arise to get to the truth of what has taken place,” he said.

The deceased woman was transported to Larnaca hospital’s accident and emergency department experiencing shortness of breath and swelling in her leg last Tuesday.

Due to the seriousness of her condition, she was intubated but died later the same day.

The next day, an autopsy was performed on the body by state pathologist Orthodoxos Orthodoxou while samples were also taken for histopathological and toxicological examinations to determine the cause of her death.

She had had a coronavirus vaccine 20 days before her death.

Meanwhile, a second post mortem carried out by the family’s private pathologist took place on Wednesday at noon in the presence of State pathologist Angeliki Papetta and a police representative.

According to CyBC, the family hired medical examiner Panicos Stavrianou to perform the additional post mortem.

Police spokesman Christos Andreou said the results of the post mortem will be used for further toxicological and histopathological tests, which may reveal the cause of the woman’s death.

“We have received her medical file in order to assist the investigative work and also reached out to the health ministry for a medical officer to be appointed specifically for the case to look into claims of negligence,” Andreou said.