In the age of Zoom, Google Drive, and Microsoft Teams, you can work from anywhere in the world. While companies were gradually becoming more flexible, the pandemic turbo-charged the transition to remote working. As long as you have wi-fi and a laptop, you can work from the beaches of Cyprus or the cobblestone streets of London.

Technology and the changing mindsets around the world of work mean anyone can become a digital nomad. The popularity of remote working is leading many employees to decide to relocate to countries like Cyprus to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and continue working for London companies.

Meanwhile, the flexibility of remote working means that financial professionals in Cyprus can expand their horizons without leaving the country. It’s never been easier to work remotely for companies located anywhere in the world. Remote working benefits both companies and employees – making it the future of work for every industry.

Recruitment agencies like FD Capital make it easy for CFOs and financial professionals to work remotely in Cyprus for London based companies. We’re looking at the rise in popularity of remote working and the benefits it can bring to your work-life balance.

The rise in popularity of remote working in Cyprus

The global pandemic turned our lives upside down. One unexpected benefit of the pandemic has been the embracement of remote working. Millions of workers suddenly found themselves having to work from home with meetings being conducted over Zoom, instead of face to face.

With covid regulations closing offices, it showed that remote working can be just as productive – if not more productive – than being in an office. That’s why 16% of companies are now fully remote. This number is expected to sharply rise in the commonly months. Remote working is also leading to higher employee retention rates according to 95% of employers surveyed by Global Workplace Analytics.

It’s not just companies driving the switch to remote working. While remote working lowers overheads, it’s also employees calling for more flexible and remote working. Research by Buffer shows that 99% of employees would choose to work remotely for the rest of their career if given the opportunity – even on a part-time basis.

With most professionals expecting remote working to become the new standard, you can expect to see more job descriptions offering it as an option. Financial services are one of the most popular industries for remote working. It ranks third across all industries, narrowly beaten only by healthcare and technology. If you’re a CFO looking to gain a better work-life balance, going remote may be the perfect solution for you.

Companies big and small – from Twitter and Salesforce to start-up tech firms – are making the change to working from home or becoming hybrid workspaces. If you want to escape your office walls and swap a blank wall for a view of the beach, remote working is the solution.

Not only are you guaranteed to improve your quality of life, but you can also explore the option of working internationally for London based companies. For most people, transitioning to remote working is a win-win.

Why you should consider remote working

Whether you’re a Cyprus native or own a holiday home here, you can work remotely for companies across the world – including in London. While it might seem daunting to switch your corner office for your kitchen table, it comes with a unique set of benefits.

Almost 80% of workers say that they’re more productive when working from home. This higher productivity is due to fewer distractions, the ability to work from anywhere, and removing time spent commuting to work. Instead of hosting meetings in office boardrooms or over the water cooler, remote workers commute through email, messaging platforms like Slack, and video conferencing apps.

One of the most quoted reasons why financial professionals are choosing to work remotely is to gain a better work-life balance. It offers employees the chance to work more flexible hours around their family life, hobbies, or other responsibilities. This flexibility also comes from removing your commuting time and the boost in productivity.

Spending more time with your family and friends isn’t the only reason to work remotely. Research by Tecla shows that remote workers save an average of $7,000 a year due to reduced transportation needs, and spending less on everyday costs like childcare and food.

But are start-ups and SMEs recruiting for remote workers? Absolutely! 64% of recruiters surveyed by IWG say that presenting the ability to work-from-home has helped them attract high-quality candidates. Highly skilled financial professionals, including CFOs, are finding a highly responsive employment market that is hiring remote workers with their skill set.

How to find a London based company to work for

It’s not just day-to-day that has moved online. Recruiting has become even more digital. Recruitment agencies that specialize in financial services are actively seeking high-skilled CFOs in Cyprus. Organizations like FD Capital can streamline the process of finding a London based company to work remotely for in Cyprus.

By working remotely as a CFO, you can offer your skills set to companies in London who are looking to expand their company globally. With most companies moving towards a hybrid office culture, you can become part of the team without ever seeing your colleagues in person.

Encrypted apps and video sharing platforms mean that CFOs can carry out their day-to-day responsibilities without needing to be physically in the office. You can collaborate with stakeholders at every level and access the documents and financial statements that you need. Whether you’re interested in working with a tech start-up or an environmental initiative, it’s never been easier to find the right CFO position for you.

Are you looking to take your career to the next stage? Working remotely as a CFO in Cyprus for London based companies can give you the freedom to expand your CV while gaining the benefits of working from home. Are you interested in becoming a remote CFO? Contact FD Capital today.