Parliamentarians heard on Wednesday how an academic who was convicted and jailed has managed to retain his position and will even be returning to teach.

Lawmakers were reviewing the disciplinary regulations for public universities – an issue first tabled back in 2017 but put on the backburner.

House education committee chair Pavlos Mylonas (Diko) said that during the discussion reference was made to a professor at a public university who, although handed a prison sentence, has kept his position and is expected to return to his duties.

Taking it further, Dipa MP Alekos Tryfonides said the committee heard of “signs and wonders”.

Alluding to the academic in question, he said the man is currently serving out a three-year prison sentence. The academic was never suspended, and retains his position at Tepak (Cyprus University of Technology).

Tryfonides said the absence of disciplinary regulations for Tepak or the University of Cyprus is a loophole that needs to be plugged as soon as possible.

“What next?” he mused. “Will professors convicted by our courts be able to teach from prison?”

Akel’s Christos Christofides stressed the urgency of passing regulations governing the conduct of academics or administrators at public universities. Such staff who have been sentenced for crimes of moral turpitude should face sanctions.