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Coronavirus: Hospitalisation risk for unjabbed 4 to 30 times higher, ministry says


Unvaccinated individuals run the risk of hospitalisation for Covid-19 that is four to 30 times higher than for the vaccinated, the health ministry said on Thursday.

The data released runs up to March 15, 2022 and do not include the post-Covid patients still receiving treatment in hospitals.

According to the ministry, 55 per cent of hospital patients do not have a record of vaccination, 8 per cent are partially vaccinated, and 1 per cent are fully vaccinated.

The fully vaccinated plus a booster (73.7 per cent of whom are persons aged over 70) account for 36 per cent of patients.

Partially vaccinated are deemed those who have got the first shot of a two-dose vaccine, those receiving both doses and 14 days have not elapsed since the second dose, those getting J&J and the 14 days have not elapsed, as well as those who received two injections and five months have elapsed since their second dose and who have not had a booster shot.

The ministry defines as fully vaccinated those receiving both shots of a two-dose vaccine and 14 days have passed since the second dose, as well as those who received the second dose less than 150 days ago (same goes for J&J).

Regarding the 38 fully-vaccinated patients (plus booster) in hospital, the data per age bracket are as follows:

Ages 20-29: one patient, or 2.6 per cent;

Ages 30-39: one patient, or 2.6 per cent;

Ages 40-49: two patients, or 5.3 per cent;

Ages 50-59: no patients, or zero percent;

Ages 60-69: six patients, or 15.8 per cent;

Ages 70-79: 12 patients, or 31.6 per cent;

Ages 80-89: 13 patients, or 34.2 per cent;

Ages 90+: three patients, or 7.9 per cent.

Regarding current hospitalisations, by record of vaccination, per 100,000 population the numbers are: 33.1 per 100,000 have no vaccination record; 5.4 per 100,000 are partially vaccinated; 1.7 per 100,000 are fully vaccinated; and 8.5 per 100,000 are fully vaccinated and with a booster shot.

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