Fines totalling €3,500 were handed out by the police in the 24 hours leading to 6am on Sunday morning to those who broke anti Covid regulations.

The fines were given to 21 individuals and nine businesses following 2,245 checks around the island.

In Nicosia a nightclub was fined €1,500 because distances were not being kept, one member of staff was not wearing a mask and the relevant signs were not on display.

Again in Nicosia, a restaurant was fined €750 because the manager and two employees were not wearing masks. Meanwhile a betting shop was fined the same amount because the manager was not wearing a mask.

In Paphos one business was fined €500 because the manager did not have a SafePass while the other five found violating regulations will also be sent to court because they were also found to not have the correct operating licences.

In Nicosia 563 checks were carried out which saw 13 people and three businesses fined, while in Limassol three people were fined after 174 checks were carried out.

Following 445 checks in Larnaca one person was fined, while in Paphos 131 checks were carried out which saw six businesses fined. A further four people were fined after 357 checks in Famagusta.