The Big Potato in Xylophagou has been decorated for Easter and the village’s community leader has vowed that a competition will decide the theme for the controversial monument for the next holiday period.

“The Big Potato has been a huge hit in terms of visitors for us,” Xylophagou’s leader George Tasou said. “People from all over the island come to see it in from up close every day.”

The cost of the Easter decoration around the potato, a four-metres high egg and a neon sign reading “Happy Easter” cost around €8,000, according to Tasou.

“It was my idea,” he said. “We are still figuring out the best ways to showcase our spud in order to attract even more visitors in the months to come.”

Erected last October, the Big Potato was also vandalised around New Year’s Eve, when unknown people chopped it down causing around €5,000 in damages.