Here are three cryptocurrencies to put on your summer watchlist. These three cryptos are Cardano (ADA), VeChain (VET), and Logarithmic Finance (LOG). We have selected these 3 coins after a lot of research, and they could help you in achieving great returns in the future. Logarithmic Finance enables easy liquidity pools for fundraising while VeChain helps in ensuring smooth transactions and verification in the supply chain industry. Cardano (ADA) has become the third most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is the first token to be based on academic review. Let’s find out what makes these three tokens the ones to watch this summer season.

Logarithmic Finance will unlock great potential in DeFi

The Logarithmic Finance ecosystem aims to revolutionise the DeFi landscape, by providing exciting opportunities to project innovators and investors. It will help in creating easy access to liquidity pools for granting assets on multiple blockchains to project developers.

The LOG Token will be used as the primary governance coin inside the platform and will help in providing a democratic procedure for decision-making. Users will vote on project proposals and their voting power will be determined by the number of LOG tokens, held by them.

The Logarithmic Finance platform will ensure easy liquidity access across many blockchain networks. It will help in attracting developers from diverse sectors, as fundraising will not be limited to any particular network.

The maximum token supply for LOG is 4 billion, and 1.2 billion LOG tokens shall be offered in the presale. The LOG Token will be listed on PancakeSwap (CAKE) once the presale period ends and could blow up in the crypto world, as the coin has generated a lot of interest among cryptocurrency investors.

The project developers will be able to accept the payments for their Non-Fungible Tokens in exchange for different cryptocurrencies, or stable coins. An NFT swap will be established in the future.

The LOG token could be a potentially good investment, as it solves the issues surrounding fundraising and will sustainably leverage the power of DeFi.

200M ADA bought by whales in recent weeks

A record number of Cardano tokens have been bought by whales in the recent few weeks. The data was provided by analyst firm, Santimeent via a tweet, “Cardano whale addresses holding 1M to 10M $ADA are accumulating their bags these past 5 weeks (196M more $ADA) after 7 months of dumping (-1.7M less $ADA).” It shows the popularity of the ADA Token among whales and could help in ensuring a decent price spike, for the Cardano Token in the short term. Whale activity is generally an indicator of a bullish sign for any cryptocurrency.

VeChain offers $30,000 to developers

Vechain has introduced a hackathon for promoting and helping developers to build on their ecosystem. A total prize money pool of $30,000 VeUSD has been offered for project owners, willing to participate and build on the VeChain ecosystem. The VeUSD is the first stable coin from the VeChain platform. The VeChain blockchain has the unique distinction of never being hacked in its entire history of operation. Holding the VET token has many benefits because it provides a passive income source by providing free airdrops of a secondary gas token known as VeThor. Users can stake their coins through nodes to earn additional amounts of VeThor.

You can find more information about the LOG Token via the links provided below. Follow the coin’s progress on various social media channels. Check out the presale here. Add the three tokens mentioned above periodically, to build a portfolio that can provide long-term financial security and fulfill your dreams.

Remember to research the project before investing, and never invest more than what you can afford to lose. Also, do not invest funds that you might require in the immediate future, you simply have to be in it to win it.

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