Following proposals that the former Nicosia’s State Fair should be transformed into a park, the Engomi municipality announced that a research centre will be built on the premises.

An announcement released by the municipality on Wednesday said the idea of building a research centre was linked to the presence of two major universities nearby, the European University and the University of Nicosia.

“A research centre such as the one that will be built on the State Fair grounds is much needed in Cyprus because it will gradually provide opportunities for the development and employment of young people in innovative services,” the announcement said.

The Green Party is the main force behind the idea of turning the area into a park, a proposal they made to the mayor of Engomi Zacharias Kyriakou on Tuesday.

“We have repeatedly explained over the years how the area of the state fair would be ideal for the construction of a park,” the Green Party said.

“West Nicosia does not have a green lung, as opposed to east and central Nicosia. The area lacks a common space that provides fresh air for both residents and visitors.

“To confront the threat of climate change, the capital needs more green areas, which will also be instrumental to combat the urban heat issue during the summer months.”

Despite not yet having decided on the proposed park, the Engomi municipality has, however, announced that it will not build a bus terminal on the premises, an idea repeatedly proposed in the past years. On the contrary, it vowed to build more green spaces in the future, along with other open public areas.

The statement added that a stormwater retention system to protect Engomi from severe flooding is also on the cards.