A meeting took place yesterday between a delegation of the Ecologists’ Movement – Citizens’ Cooperation and representatives of bank workers’ union Etyk, within the framework of a circle of contacts started a few days ago by the union with all parliamentary parties.

The union informed the delegation of the Ecologists’ Movement about its concerns with the potential intention of banks to proceed with mass layoffs over the next two and a half years, encompassing up to 50 per cent of current staff.

According to Etyk, more than 1,300 employees who have been working for many years as permanent employees in banking institutions are expected to be fired.

The Movement of Ecologists’ – Citizens’ Cooperation, said that such an outcome was of concern adding that unfortunately in a Cyprus where, according to the government, the economy is prospering, price hikes have reached new heights and labour rights which had been acquired with effort, are being violated.

“We expect the government, as the executive power responsible for the implementation of the law, to finally intervene in order to protect, if nothing else, the labour rights of its citizens,” the Green’s statement said.