The Akamas development plan is set for discussion at a joint meeting of the house environment and interior committees on June 8, following last week’s report that the plan could be officially announced by mid-June.

House interior chair and Akel MP Aristos Damianou said on Wednesday that following discussions with the house environment committee and Greens party leader Charalambos Theopemptou they have decided to hold a joint meeting.

“There are discussions and reasonable concerns on the issue, and we have a duty to study [the plan],” Damianou said.

Elsewhere, his main opposition party Akel decried the plan – stating that it could have catastrophic consequences for the area and accused the government of rushing it through. It further cited information passed on to it that the final opinion on the plan from the environmental impact assessment committee is due on June 9.

In a harshly worded statement, the party said that “it’s not the first time that the Anastasiades-Disy government tries to serve big interests with opaque and illegal means.

“The president and Disy must respect the local communities and residents of the area while also abiding by the European and national laws put in place to protect the environment,” Akel said.

Their statement comes in the wake of last week’s report that the Akamas development plan may be officially announced later this month.

Early details point to considerable development set to take place, satisfying some local communities who have long bemoaned being denied the right to fully utilise their assets.

Others, however, have expressed deep concerns that key protected areas will be concreted over, destroying what some say is the last unspoiled stretch of nature in the government-controlled areas.