Continuing its zero tolerance policy towards drug use, the British Bases police have arrested 31 people for possession of drugs, it said on Friday.

The arrests were made in the villages of Pyla, Xylophagou, Ormidhia, Xylotymbou and Achna.

Nine of the arrests were for possession with intent to supply after suspects were found with a lot of money, 16 for driving under the influence of drugs and the rest for simple possession.

The drugs seized were a mix of “cannabis, cocaine and crystal”.

The largest haul seized was half a kilo of cannabis worth around €10,000.

“As we approach the summer season, we are seeing an increase in the use of drugs and its supply,” Deputy Divisional Commander in Dhekelia Superintendent Andreas Pitsillidis said.

“As a police force, we take this extremely seriously as drug abuse destroys lives. We work very closely with our colleagues in the Cyprus drug squad to tackle this problem and those found undertaking this criminal activity will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law in court.”