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The changing face of DeFi: How does Gnox Token (GNOX) shape the future of fundraising?


The year 2022 began on a bright one for the global crypto industry, but there have been conflicting views following a series of unprecedented events, such as cryptocurrency’s nonpartisan role in Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Despite the challenges faced in the emerging industry, several projects like Gnox have piqued the interest of investors and enthusiasts alike.

A new entrant near the top of the list of the most compelling funding rounds in crypto history has just arrived. Gnox’s pioneering release plans and campaign to deliver passive income utility to its holders continue to shape the future of fundraising.

Gnox’s price increased by 52% during its first-round presale on May 21, 2022. It is one of the few cryptocurrencies whose price has risen during the current bear market. Crypto experts believe it indicates the team’s ability to maintain its core business plan.

Gnox has a custom-built treasury used for investors—something that has never been seen before in a protocol. 

The treasury, funded by purchase and sell taxes, is used in DeFi protocols to generate yields. The yields are subsequently converted to stablecoin and disbursed to Gnox token holders. 

Analysts have cited the token’s ability to create passive income in stablecoin as one of the main reasons Gnox is attracting so much attention and enthusiasm. 

Analysts also note Gnox’s streamlining of DeFi investment, allowing typical institutional investors to access DeFi through a single point of contact.

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