For lovers of horror movies, there isn’t much action on the island, if any at all. The only horror films that hit the big screen are usually Hollywood blockbusters that arrive every once in a while and require a pricey cinema ticket. No pop-up film screenings, talks or presentations are dedicated to the gory, bloody, creepy and supernatural that make up the horror genre. This year, however, the very first Cyprus Horror Society film festival arrives to honour it!

Film director and writer Andreas Avgousti is behind the festival coming up this September. With a passion for horror films, Avgousti is bringing the first festival of its kind to the island that will exclusively feature horror films. The Cyprus Horror Society invites filmmakers from all over the world to have their films screened at ETHAL Theatre in Limassol when the festival takes place on September 3, 2022. So far, the festival has already received many film submissions, including from the US, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Armenia and Finland, and welcomes more filmmakers to apply until the deadline on July 25. Interested film-makers can apply online by visiting

Apart from screening selected films from around the world, Avgousti hopes to create a local horror film society and increase appreciation for the genre. “I personally love horror films,” he says, “and this is something I wanted to do for a long time and finally it’s happening! I genuinely love this genre of cinema and I think this is exactly what’s missing from the Cyprus art scene; a culturally diverse film festival that year by year will grow in size and popularity. It’s an opportunity for local and international filmmakers to get their films screened,” he concludes, “receive IMDB verified awards and meet other like-minded individuals to network.”

Cyprus Horror Society film festival

Open call for the first Cyprus horror film festival. Application deadline: July 25. Festival date: September 3. ETHAL, Limassol. Facebook page: @cyprushorrorsociety