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How to create a photo trend on TikTok?

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TikTok is the sixth most important social media, today. It is also considered to be the one attracting the youngest crowd, as more than 50% of its members are below the age of 34. This can be very attractive for companies that wish to grab a bigger piece of the pie of Generation Z. Creating a photo trend could be just what the doctor orders, to do so. But what are they, and how do you get to create one? Here is more info on the subject.

What is a photo trend?

Way before TikTok came around, people loved to edit their photos, in order to bring a different flavour to them. However, on this app, users tend to copy those that look cool, which is what creates a TikTok photo editing trend. They also do the same with videos. Once the trend is on, it can last quite a long time, as everyone tries to have their own version of the original edit.

Companies and individuals can benefit from these trends, by making a version of their own, for their brand. It isn’t so hard to do to find the right settings to be exactly in line with the trend. The most complicated part will be to invent the element that will be different so that it catches viewers’ eyes. That is when they will get to share it with their friends, afterward.

Creating your own photo trend

If you don’t have any followers, or very few, that could be a hard task for you to achieve. But in the world of social media, nothing is ever impossible. Let’s explore two ways that you could interest people with such strength, that you would start your own photo trend.

Tweak an existing trend

If you want to turn this into an image, in order to understand the concept better, think of a mutation. The original should still be there, in one way or another, but the changes you made to it need to be sufficient to create a fully different image, that can stand apart. In such a scenario, you actually get to use the interest that was created before you, not as a follower of the trend, but instead as a creator of a new one. It is tricky but probably more simple than the second option.

Create a visual that is entirely your own

This is certainly the most powerful of the two. If you manage to create a photo trend of your own design, you will acquire a lot of followers, and people will remember you for it – which is the most important part. To do so, you will need to play with a photo editor, until you come to a visual that really represents your brand well. Then, use it in every photo you post on TikTok. Never waver or do any changes to the settings. Watch it grow to the point when everyone wants to copy what you have created. It may take a while, but the reward will be much higher.

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