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There are real problems to address on this little island

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Dear Sirs,

Every day I read with interest what you have to say in your editorials, hopefully a pithy comment on the state of our little country and the sad road that it is traveling.

Sometimes you manage it but other times, such as today, it lacks any political barb at all.

We have an election to look forward to with less than stellar candidates and so many problems that are being ignored.

Serious problems.

But you chose to comment on the tourism of the villages.

Let’s face it! If the villages are getting money to become tourist attractions, it’s a political ploy of our increasingly embarrassing government led by our increasingly embarrassing president.

I drive around my city (Nicosia) and see so much that is absolutely awful.

Shop after shop closed down, building after building empty, for sale signs everywhere and endless traffic jams in our badly designed new street system.
The school system is still in the Middle Ages and the church still rules with an iron hand, when they can (no crematoriums as yet!).

Corruption everywhere (the buck stops with the president by the way).

And I feel so sorry for my adopted country.

I came in 1966 and it was a little bit of paradise.

A few years ago I flew over Cyprus and marvelled that the only National Park we have – that everyone with any sense is trying to protect – is that tiny, microscopic piece of Akamas.

And as sure as can be, the corrupt and incredibly greedy are going to destroy it too!

When you “just take a little bit” of a park , then the end is near for all that the park protects.

I listen to a very few well informed people and what they tell me makes me frightened me for our little country.
I hate to think about what I don’t know!

So make your ‘comments’ count.

Get a bit more daring.

Based on what I know, I will never vote for any of the major parties again.
Mostly, a bunch of self-serving, useless lawyers (most of them).
Thank you.

Best regards,
Sandra Tryfon

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