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What’s Eaten Where: Prague

whats eaten where

Here in Prague, beer is cheaper than water. So it’s no wonder residents of the Czech Republic are the top consumers of beer in the world!

At an average of 189 litres per person each year, local beer is said to be amongst the best in the world. Pilsner was born here over two centuries ago, in a village just 100 kilometres from Prague. And it’s certainly not the only regional star…

Today, the city’s numerous historical, architectural and cultural sites attract thousands of visitors each year. Theatres (including the Smetana and the National), museums (such as the Jewish Museum and the Náprstek Museum) abound, as do galleries, concert halls and libraries. There’s a thriving film industry (Mission Impossible, Chronicles of Narnia, and Van HelsingI were all shot in Prague) and a booming music scene (Rihanna’s Don’t Stop the Music video was filmed at Prague’s Radost FX Club). And the city has been the backdrop for any number of video games, including iterations of Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, and Soldier of Fortune.

But Prague is also famous for its delectable cuisine. The city’s 1.3 million residents can enjoy everything from Prague-fried eggs to the world-famous Prague Ham (Pražská šunka), which is cured in brine, stewed and smoked to perfection.

There’s Koleno, or pork knuckle, a tender treat that’s roasted for hours in dark beer; roast duck with cabbage dumplings; and Knedliky – a sort of bread dumpling that’s iconic across the region. In winter, you’ll find the sumptuous Svickova na smetane, tenderloin beef soaked in a creamy sauce. For breakfast, there’s often Smazeny syr, deep fried cheese coated in egg, breadcrumbs, and flour. And lunch is frequently the bramborak, a potato pancake rich in herbs and spices.

For the traveller on the go, there’s Nakladany hermelin (an appetizer of pickled cheese with olive oil, peppers, garlic, and spices), utopenci (a spicy sausage snack made with onion, paprika, and pepper), and the ever-Instagrammable Trdelník – a local spit cake topped with sugar and walnuts that’s one of Prague’s more recent creations. And everything, from appetisers to dessert, is served with beer!


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