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One of the finest travel luxury experiences

the new range rover 1

We set off bright and early to make the most of the day. By 9 o’clock in the morning, the five of us were comfortably nested in the lush interiors of Antonis’ car. It had been years since we sought to witness the beauty of Cyprus’ wine routes all together, and his new acquisition seemed like the perfect occasion.

Undoubtedly, Antonis was keen on sharing all the glory of his new purchase. As a role model for the global automotive industry for the last 50 years, all of us had a sound image of the popular vehicle, yet experiencing its allure first hand seemed all the more vivid.

the new range rover 2

As we took the Nicosia to Limassol highway on the way to the Troodos Mountain foothills, Antonis set the adaptive cruise control with steering assist and began to tell us about some of the specifications of the car. Some of the technicalities didn’t mean much to me but they caught my curiosity as he meticulously described his new acquisition. He told us about the active noise cancellation system that monitors wheel vibrations, tire noise and engine sounds transmitted into the cabin. Indeed, although we were driving at speed limit, Antonis’ voice was crystal clear.

the new range rover 4

He boasted about the 8-inch screens in both the front and rear of the car. Seeing as I was sitting in the back, I could control the audiovisual material with unique graphics for the entire car. The three of us sitting in the back giggled as we searched for the ideal music to accompany us on our road trip. By now, it was clear to us that not only where we heading for a memorable day out, but the modern design and elegance that dominated both the interior and the exterior of our car was pertinent. Little did we know that it is precisely the Range Rovers’ persistent ability to combine comfort, advanced technology and impressive abilities that was tantalizing our senses.

Once off the beaten track and as we drove through the meandering roads passing through the villages of Milia and Vasa, it was a last minute decision to turn off the main road to go and see the Bridge of Trozena, a stone’s throw away from the village of Arsos. This entailed bumpy curvy dirt tracks immersed in a forestry setting, the likes of which the Range Rover faced with triumph. Our comfort was secured. We felt absolutely safe, while the smoothness of the drive left us carelessly taking in our surroundings, as if nothing could stop us from immersing ourselves even further into nature.

the new range rover 5

It was impressive that our powerful hybrid, advanced and efficient engine provided us with the room to each individually maneuver our impulses; we drank our takeaway coffees set in the electrically deployable cup holders with ease, we swayed to the music and took snapshots out of the window without in effortless convenience. I made a mental note of the car’s suspension as I watched Antonis clutch to his intelligent gearbox which monitors traction levels and driver input to predictively distribute torque between the front and rear axles.

Having stopped at a couple of wineries for wine tasting and local delights, Antonis had vouched himself as the designated driver. We were mostly silent on our way back; the smooth drive back to Nicosia through the A22 highway enhanced our longing for a day well spent. As Antonis dropped each of us off at our designated homes, I thought about how much his new Range Rover SV reflected his personality, dream and desires.

the new range rover 3

The new Rover’s great scope for personalization and customer choice boasted Antonis’ choice of innovative and exquisite material finishes. The Corinthian Bronze exterior indicated his consideration for modern luxury, the cool-to-the touch ceramic controls and veneers revealed his attention to detail, the connectivity with wireless devise charging, USB connectivity and domestic power sockets suited his desire for adventurous days out without loosing touch with his work and family, while the sustainable UltrafabricsTM leather depicted his sensitivities.

It’s indeed the Range Rover SV’s heightened craftsmanship and greater functionality, along with its modern, smart and technologically advanced interiors that provided us with connectivity and comfort throughout our road trip, all the while being immersed in luxury. I seek to return to the wine villages to explore their beauty even further, but I’m not convinced any of us will savour one of the finest luxury travel experience without the Range Rover SV.

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