A 43-year-old man caught on video assaulting a woman holding her 11-month baby near Larnaca port last week will be referred to trial to answer to charges of assault and racist behaviour on July 27, Larnaca district court ruled on Tuesday.

The man appeared before Larnaca district court on the expiry of a four-day remand, and the case was submitted after the attorney-general’s office approve his criminal prosecution.

The court set the next hearing for July 27.

The man faces a total of 10 charges, four of which relate to racism and xenophobia, as well as assault leading to real bodily harm, public insults and possession of an offensive instrument.

The man was ordered to post €20,000 bail and released. His name was placed on the stop list, and he must report to a police station weekly.

The man was filmed by an eyewitness hitting and kicking a 29-year-old asylum seeker who was who was the ground, holding her infant in her arms. He was also seen assaulting her brother.

The incident occurred at around 6.30pm on July 13. The victim soon after went to the police station and filed a complaint. She was later treated for bruises at the hospital.

The assault was recorded on a mobile phone, quickly going viral on social media and sparking wide-spread condemnation.

The suspect later turned himself in at Larnaca police station, was arrested and later remanded in custody.

He told police that he had sold a car to the woman who had asked for her money back saying it had an engine problem. He said he was ready to give the money once the car was returned.