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Coronavirus: Almost all Covid cases currently mild worldwide

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A decrease in the registration of new cases of Covid -19 has been noted in many countries internationally.

A total of 576,192,559 coronavirus cases were recorded worldwide according to the Worldometers website as of Tuesday, while deaths stood at 6,405,163.

99.9 per cent or almost all 23,683,513 active cases have mild symptoms, while the remaining 41,307 or 0.2 per cent are in severe or critical condition.

According to the website, today 311,365 new cases have been recorded internationally, of which 154,011 are in Japan, with the country also recording 55 new deaths.

Globally, in the last 7 days more than 6 million cases were registered, while there is a decrease in both the 11 per cent of cases and the 10 per cent of deaths.

South Korea on Tuesday recorded 17 new deaths and 99,268 new cases for a total so far of 19,346,764 cases and 424,907 deaths.

It is followed by Australia with 89 deaths and 37,274 cases and Mexico with 20 new deaths and 4,231 cases.

Besides, in the last 7 days there has been a decrease in the registration of new cases in many countries internationally.

Among others, a 25 per cent decrease was recorded in the USA, in Germany 7 per cent, in Italy 23 per cent, in France 24 per cent, in Brazil 29 per cent, in India 6 per cent.

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