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Greece donates presidential jet to Cyprus

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Pictures of the presidential jet donated by Greece to Cyprus during the Greek prime minister’s official visit to Cyprus are currently making rounds on social media.

The G-V Gulfstream-V aircraft was acquired by Greece in 2003 and will now join the Cyprus’ fleet in service to the president and his ministers.

The aircraft is now dressed in the colours of the Cypriot flag, has “Republic of Cyprus” written on its side along with the Republic’s emblem and flags of Cyprus and the EU.

It carries a crew of four, a commander; co-commander; an engineer and a caretaker, runs on two Rolls Royce engines, has a wingspan of 28.5m and a length of 29.4m

Its maximum speed is 0.88 Mach.

President Anastasiades had thanked the Greek prime minister during his official visit to Cyprus on June 1 “for the generous donation of a civilian aircraft for the movement of the President and his Ministers.”

Referring to Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis, the president had also noted that “it is a donation to the Republic of Cyprus, and I am happy because it is being handed near the end of my term and so no one can attribute false motives to me or you.”



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