Political initiatives are being made in advance of his meeting with the UN Secretary General in September, the President Nicos Anastasiades said on Sunday.

At the memorial service of Eoka fighter Michalakis Paridis, the president was asked if during his upcoming visit to New York for the United Nations General Assembl he will seek some development to help the resumption of negotiations on the Cyprus problem.

“Already, demarches are being made for a meeting with the SG and of course the meeting is aimed only at conveying the need to implement what has been agreed with him,” Anastasiades said.

Asked if there had been a development following the contacts UN Assistant Secretary General Miroslav Jenca held on the Cyprus issue, Anastasides said “no. Nothing new. As long as Turkey objects, unfortunately there is a withdrawal from UN decisions. And that saddens me very much.”

The 77th UN general assembly will take place in New York from September 13 to 26.