Since the inception of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in the cryptocurrency space,  the world’s economy has received a considerable boost, and the cryptocurrency space is bubbling with life attracting entrepreneurs from all over. This has resulted in a massive growth of this ecosystem over time, and more cryptocurrency platforms have based their projects around this ecosystem.

big eyesIt is rare to find a meme coin with a lot of use and capabilities as they are mostly deemed to be playful and cheerful. The new cryptocurrency in town, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), begs to differ as it aims to provide value to decentralized finance and the world’s ecosystem. Bringing in a lot of features and good wealth to its community, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is backed to be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency space, and Vechain (VET) and EOS (EOS) could be left behind.

VeChain’s (VET) contribution to the Cryptocurrency world

VeChain is a software that aims to pool a collection of computers to operate a platform that enhances supply chain management and business procedures. It allows digital collaboration by providing tools for effective data transfer. Its primary objective is to allow corporations to launch new kinds of Decentralized Applications (dApps). The VeChain team built a software kit to facilitate the production of these Decentralized Applications (dApps).

VeChain (VET) is the primary cryptocurrency that powers the VeChain platform. Holders of the VeChain (VET) token can spend, hold, send or stake their tokens. VTHOR another cryptocurrency on the forum is the primary means users can pay for transactions. This is only accessible by trading in your VeChain (VET) tokens. As a result, applications built on VeChain that have gained specific amounts of popularity in the market will lead to an increased demand for VTHOR and, in turn, VeChain (VET) getting an increase in value. This relationship will show that users on the VeChain platforms with these tokens will garner benefits over time. VeChain (VET) is also the leading cryptocurrency for governance on this platform. This allows users to have an opinion in the decision-making process on the forum or make changes on the VeChain network by voting. This is achieved by holding or staking the token, and those users become eligible to make crucial decisions like increasing or decreasing the supply of VTHOR. Its collection is capped at 86.7 billion VeChain (VET).

What is EOS (EOS)?

Due to the issues of popular DApps having clogged capacity on much larger blockchains like Ethereum (ETH), EOS was designed to develop, host, and run business applications or decentralized Applications (dApps). Its system is designed in such a way as to accommodate more transactions per second while eliminating fees charged to users making transactions. This results in a much faster transaction process.

EOS (EOS) is the principal cryptocurrency that powers the platform. To build and run decentralized Applications (dApps), a developer must hold their EOS (EOS) and not spend them. Any user not running applications at the time can rent their EOS (EOS) token to other developers who may need it as a means through which users can earn benefits. There is no limit to the amount of EOS (EOS) tokens that can be created as new coins get released to the market each time a block is created. This results in an increase of 5% each year of EOS coins in circulation. However, certain restrictions exist on what can be performed with the EOS (EOS) developers’ stake. If a developer holds 0.5% of its tokens, he can only use the equivalent amount on its CPU.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) intends to offer value you’ve never seen before

Big Eyes Coin is a cryptocurrency platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that grows and improves in a self-propagating model. It aims to use its community’s power to shift wealth to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, which has recently proven to be an essential aspect of the world’s economy. Every element on the Big Eyes platform serves to generate wealth and popularity for the project to ensure that the community holding the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) maximizes its profits. It goes over and beyond to create extra value by attempting to enhance the world’s health.

big eyes

The utility cryptocurrency of the Big Eyes platform is the Big Eyes Coin (BIG). A community of active members will be organized consisting of users holding its native cryptocurrency, the Big Eyes Coin (BIG). The benefits of purchasing this token are endless, as developers aim to give 90% of their ownership to the community instead of EOS (EOS) and VeChain (VET) holders. Any transaction carried out with the Big Eyes (BIG) token on the platform will have zero taxes attached and no transaction fees because Big Eyes knows the value of its community and places them at the top of its priority list. As earlier stated, the world’s health is also a priority for this project; hence there will be a wallet holding 5% of the total Big Eyes Coins (BIG) solely for charity purposes. This donation will contribute toward saving ocean life and protecting the world’s largest ecosystem, the ocean.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) values the creativity art provides

With the expanded publicity for NFTs in 2022, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has swung into a quick reaction to take advantage of the opportunity by making an NFT creativity challenge that will empower purchasers to partake in events coordinated by the platform. A self-supporting and well-working framework like this will bring Big Eyes NFTs into the top ten spots available, which further gives Big Eyes Coin (BIG) the chance to develop and increase in the crypto market. Moreover, there will be merchandise creation for the Big Eyes platform, both actual and digital brands, to raise assets for the undertaking and its arrangements to annihilate contamination of the sea.big eyes

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has a well-structured course of action

A plan of action has been developed by Big Eyes Coin (BIG) for its platform to achieve the vision, mission, and success it desires. The roadmap will see the project go through 4 stages: the crouch stage, leap stage, run stage, and finally, the catwalk stage. At the end of the roadmap, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) plans to have delivered its promises and created value worldwide. It kicks off at the first stage, the crouch stage, where a token audit, media stunt, presale live, and presale website life will take place. Afterward, the project will enter the second stage, referred to as the leap stage, which will feature the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) launch on the Uniswap platform and the deployment of the entire website to the Internet. A total of 20,000 holders of the Big Eyes (BIG) token will be achieved as well as the first charity donation will take place. More media stunts will also occur during this stage.

The run stage, which is the third stage, will feature the full release of NFTs after snippets have been revealed in stage 2. The first NFT exclusive event will also occur during this stage. Another charity donation will be delivered with a total of 50000 holders present by the end of this stage. To conclude its roadmap, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will enter its fourth stage, called the catwalk stage, which is all about community events that have been promised. $1 million will be donated to charity, and NFTs will evolve.


Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Tokenomics

The ticker symbol for the token is BIG. 200,000,000,000 tokens have been minted with no taxes attached for the buying and selling of the tokens. 70% of the coin will be available to the public on presale. 20% of the tokens will be for exchanges. 5% of the coin will be used to market the wallet. This will be used to boost and enhance the token’s performance in the market. The marketing team will handle this marketing wallet. Meanwhile, 5% of the tokens will be set aside for charity donations. The community members will be well aware of this wallet to prove the transparency and accountability of the platform.

For giving rewards, 10% of the NFTs tax will follow the distribution. 4% will be given to original sellers of the various NFTs. 5% will be for holders of the NFT token. 1% will go to charity to save the ocean.

big eyes
Join the Big Eyes community by purchasing the BIG Token

Be a part of this ever-growing community by purchasing the Big Eyes (BIG) token in the following steps, as stated below.

Step1: Firstly, ensure that a meta mask wallet has been installed in your desktop browser or mobile device.

Step2: Buyers should copy and paste the link below on their various wallet browsers. A form will show up that you are to fill out and submit. Afterward, you select the total amount of Big Eyes token (BIG) you want to purchase and choose the token with which you want to pay.

Step 3: The Big Eyes (BIG) tokens will be sent to your wallet once the presale has been completed.

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) promises to give a massive improvement in the Decentralized Applications and NFTs platform, which will most likely increase its popularity in comparison to VeChain (VET) and EOS (EOS).



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