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Cat found riddled with pellets, now blind

The rescued cat was comatose when it was found

Animal Party Cyprus has called on the chief of police to look into whether owners of firearms in Kakopetria area have permits, after a recent incident where a cat was shot point-blank with a shotgun.

In a statement, the party said the cat was found in a quasi-comatose condition by a woman. The woman initially thought the feline was dead and was about to bury it, but before she did the cat showed signs of life.

She took the cat to a clinic, where vets treated the animal for hypothermia and dehydration. The cat’s face and torso were riddled with shotgun pellets, which the vets removed.

The vets also had to surgically remove one of the cat’s eyes. It is completely blind in the other eye as well.

Fluids and painkillers were administered to the battered animal, which spent 19 days at the clinic.

Animal Party Cyprus also published a copy of the vet’s report, which said the cat was brought to them on August 6.

The rescued feline was named ‘Monte Cristo’.

The party has demanded that the chief of police look into the possession of shotguns in the area in question, as similar incidents of violence towards animals have occurred in the past.

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