Arrivals at Tymbou (Ercan) airport in June of this year recorded an increase of 220 per cent compared with the same month last year, Turkish Cypriot media outlet Bayrak reported.

According to a statement by the ‘ministry of public works and transport’, 1,057 aircraft landed at the airport in the north between June 1 and June 30, 2022.

During the same period, 1,051 aircraft took off from Tymbou and the total number of landings and take-offs reached 2108 compared to 658 in June 2021.

According to the same announcement, the number of arrivals in June reached 132,800 and departures recorded were 145,079. In total, the number of passengers who used the airport reached 277,879, an increase of 391 per cent compared with the same month last year.

Meanwhile, in June, the total weight of incoming and outgoing cargo increased by 28.06 per cent compared to the same month of the previous year.