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How Pilum Defense has created a battle-tested investigation firm

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According to the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a total of 10,085,207 were arrested in 2019. However, this government resource has not been updated since to reflect the statistics for 2020 and 2021. Within these years, many community members have begun to invest in independent defense authorities. Whilst communities across the US maintain a keen awareness of crime, they are less likely to entrust in the services of the government alone. This has broadened the utilization of independent defense and investigative organizations. 

Pilum defense is a world-class, battle-tested, total protection, investigation, and firearms training solutions firm. Their team is composed of former military and law enforcement officers. Their experience totals over 129 years in the US’s most prestigious agencies. The firm is committed to serving their community and ensuring the safety of all their clients. 

The history of Pilum Defense

The name, ‘Pilum,’ is derived from the javelin that was adopted by the Roman army. Pilum Defense adopted their name from this term due its ability to pierce through armor before the necessity for swords to be drawn. It outlines necessary action that prevents and combats violence. 

Pilum Defense was established by Michael Mancha and Stephen Barela in Denver, Colorado in 2013 to provide quality Protection and Investigative Solutions. Mancha has extensive experience as a criminal defense investigator and an intelligence chief. He was an active and accomplished member of the US Marine Corps. Mancha serves as the Chief Executive Officer, and is responsible for the company’s management and operations. Mancha is included in all aspects of the company’s development and oversees client progress, preparing and negotiating the client’s contract, and supervising the overall project by providing quality assurance and control.

According to Mancha, “Pilum’s mission is to serve with integrity, honor, and valor. The company exists because we believe that former military members bring businesses truly unique skills in dealing with unknowable situations and complex problems.” This is a vital aspect of the company, as it seeks to revitalize and reimagine the skills and expertise that veterans and retired law enforcement members have to offer. The company notes that their core values are professionalism, commitment, integrity, diligence, teamwork, loyalty, and Innovation.

Since 2013, Pilum has provided protection and investigative solutions for both public and private sector clients and, in recent years, has significantly increased its revenue by maintaining a diverse client base and skilled professional personnel. The development of the company started at a limited capacity and has grown to provide all facets of security services including Law Enforcement, Protective Occupations, Litigation Support, Background Investigations and recently added Firearms Training. Pilum consistently expands its capabilities to meet requisite changes in their trade.

The veteran run organization

Pilum is veteran-owned and veteran-run. It was founded by both former US Marine Corps and Navy SEAL combat-proven personnel. All of its protectors, investigators, and advisors have served in either the US military or in law enforcement. This background and experience has allowed Pilum to become uniquely motivated and to be appropriately trained to complete assignments with success and integrity. 

Pilum is also supported by an esteemed Board of Advisors consisting of high-ranking military officers and business executives. This is an interesting and important array of team members, as it provides Pilum with unique perspectives and advantages. The firm prides itself as a company that upholds the same core values that they have accrued through their experience as veterans, and have built their brand around them. Pilum exists because it believes that decorated military and law enforcement members bring truly unique skills to public and commercial entities when dealing with investigations and on-site unknowable, high-risk situations, and complex problems and circumstances.

Pilum offers communities a rare opportunity to make use of an independent organization that focuses on security, safety, and intense investigative rigor. Communities can rely on them, not only because of their team’s tremendous experience, but because of their company ethos and values. Their introduction of firearm training also comes at a very poignant time in the nation’s history, where it is now more important than ever that communities acquire adequate fireman training and understanding. 

Final thoughts

Communities are becoming more and more aware of their need to take safety and security seriously. Many community members do not want to go through traditional or governmental avenues to ensure their safety, and this is where firms like Pilum Defense come in. Not only is Pilum Defense an investigative, protective service, but they also provide vital fireman training. The firm was founded by veterans and is composed of veterans. This affords the company a great deal of expertise and experience in the industry, and provides consumers with a peace of mind that their security is a priority. 


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