I wonder why Judge Riza, wrote about profiteering (Sunday Mail, August 21, Everyone knows that profiteering is criminal).

Has he just bought a designer shirt and realised a near identical shirt was on offer at somewhere like Lidl, at a tenth of the price? The shopkeeper who extracted £10 for a toilet roll was not profiteering. The buyer had the option of using torn up squares of newspaper, widely used in the UK by working class families until well into the sixties or hosing their backsides as many already do, in the world.

The buyer chose to buy the equivalent designer item. The cost of living crisis, now rampant in much of the world, is driven by the false belief that we are entitled to maintain our current lifestyle and not look at cancelling our subscriptions to social media outlets, visits to the gym, our favourite restaurant/takeaway, huge TV, latest Iphone or holidays abroad. Only keep one room at a comfortable temperature. throughout the year, wear an overcoat and buy thermal underwear, an electrically heated heat pad, and thick socks, if you live in a cold climate.

John C Barbour, Monagri