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Finance ministry asks parliament for cash to buy eco-limos

The finance ministry has requested the release of €138,000 for the purchase of two hybrid limousines for the needs of the presidency.

According to Politis on Thursday, the finance ministry, in an urgent letter to parliament, said that the two vehicles are intended for use by the ministers of culture and social welfare.

It was revealed that the House finance committee rejected the request, which was submitted on June 17, 2022.

In response to the decision, the finance ministry stressed in a new request that the purchase of the two limousines “is considered absolutely necessary since there are no official vehicles available to meet the needs of the two officials”.

As stated in the letter, the travel needs of the two deputy ministers are being temporarily covered by spare vehicles belonging to the existing fleet of official vehicles.

The department of electromechanical services maintains three spare limousines (two built in 2008 and one in 2012), which are used mainly when officials’ vehicles break down. Two of these are currently being used by the two undersecretaries of state, resulting in only one spare limousine being available.

The two vehicles planned for purchase will be hybrid vehicles, the first limousines to be purchased with such technology.

Each vehicle is estimated to cost in the region of €69,000. The final price will be determined after the completion of the tender procedures to be carried out.

As stated in the letter, in addition to the environmental benefits of the supply of clean vehicles, these vehicles also bring significant savings in fuel consumption.

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