Former UNSC representative in Cyprus Alvaro de Soto said it was still possible to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, claiming that not many changes would be needed in the peace plan.

De Soto was the UN Special Adviser for Cyprus from 1999 to 2004 and oversaw the Annan Plan and the negotiations in Burgenstock that led to the referendum in April 2004. The overwhelming majority of Greek Cypriots rejected the plan while Turkish Cypriots voted for it.

“If they agreed, it [the plan] could be modified to make it easier for both sides. I don’t think too many changes are needed. They [Greek Cypriots] rejected this version, but maybe if they revise and if the Greek Cypriot leader approves instead of opposing the plan before them, that would change everything,” the Peruvian diplomat told Turkish state television TRT World.

“I think if the leadership of both sides agree to do it, even if they make changes as necessary, it is still possible.”