Police in Limassol arrested five people found in possession of a total of 45 grammes of heroin, according to their announcement on Thursday.

The five individuals ages, 21, 36, 22, 21, and 34, were arrested on drug charges by the drug squad, Ykan, early Thursday morning.

Police said that Ykan stopped a vehicle being driven by the 36-year-old early Thursday morning, as he was driving towards Limassol together with one of the 21-year-old suspects.

During their checks, police found 33 g of heroine on the 21-year-old and a small amount of methamphetamines.

Police also found that both were illegally residing in Cyprus, and they were both arrested on the spot.

Later, authorities investigated the flat the two suspects were living in, where they found another 21-year-old, the 22-year-old, and the 34-year-old. Police discovered that these three individuals were also illegally residing in Cyprus, and they were arrested.

During their investigations, police also found another 12 g of heroin and €9,100.

Police are continuing their investigations.