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Uniglo (GLO) likely to make LidoDAO (LDO) and Maker (MKR) obsolete with Ultra Burn and Treasury combination

uni 03

In any successful DeFi project, the people who get in on the ICO (initial coin offering) before launch pay the least and make the most profit. Two great examples are LidoDAO (LIDO) and Maker (MKR), both of which made ICO investors impressive gains during DeFi summer. However, there is something these two projects don’t have that — trust us — you want in a DeFi token.

Scheduled to launch in mid-October, Uniglo (GLO) DAO has two particular features that make getting in on this ICO a no-brainer. Hodl that thought.

Before we tell you about the secret sauce, the mission of Uniglo is to build up a massive treasure chest of digital assets. Kind of like the treasure chests you see in movies overflowing with gold and gems. However, in this case, we’re talking about digital assets. These can include cryptocurrencies, high-value NFTs, gold, real estate, stocks, fine art, and anything else that can be tokenized. This kind of dream portfolio is impossible to build outside the crypto space. 

So what are the two tricks that make GLO a good bet? Not only is the token supply eternally deflationary, but the treasury is also eternally inflationary. This is accomplished by borrowing a trick from NFTs. First, a 2% royalty on all aftermarket sales (1% on buys and 1% on sells) is used to buy back and burn GLO tokens. So the circulating supply will always fall whether in a bear market or bull. Not only that, the more volatile the market, the faster the supply shrinks.

Second, everyone who buys or sells GLO post-launch must pay a 5% royalty to the treasury. So, once again, bull or bear market funds are constantly flowing into the treasury, growing even faster in times of high volatility. Money never flows out, except if the community decides to use some of the profits from investment to buy GLO off exchanges and burn them if they feel the price needs a boost.uni 03

Between the presale discount, the constantly growing treasury, and the continually falling supply, the tokenomics greatly favor those who join the community early. 

Uniglo makes diversified investing as easy as pie. But unfortunately, this is just what it will take for DeFi to gain mainstream acceptance. And if this project sees mass adoption, as we believe it will, early investors could turn a small investment into a giant nest egg in the coming years. 

To join the community and get in on the presale, visit While you’re there, check out their innovative whitepaper. There are only a couple more weeks before round two of the presale ends, and GLO’s price goes up again. After that, the final round is expected to sell out pretty quickly, so no foot-dragging on this one. 

One more thing, it’s not unlikely that both of the assets mentioned above, MKR and LIDO, along with a long list of others, will end up in the basket of assets held by Uniglo members. All you have to do is buy GLO and hold it to see life-changing wealth building up over time.  

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