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Smart money invests in these Cryptos: Uniglo (GLO), Decentraland (MANA), Sandbox (SAND) and VeChain (VET)


There once was a day when we had but one cryptocurrency. And it wasn’t that long ago. Today we have a veritable menagerie of blockchains and tokens of all ilk. Utility spans the gamut from enterprise use chains such as VeChain (VET) to metaverses like Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND). On top of that tokenization has produced a vast array of digital assets including NFTs, treasury-backed assets, tokenized stocks, and even real-world assets like gold, fine art, and rare collectibles. This vast array of blockchains and tokens which have sprung up in just the past few years creates an opportunity for long-term investors to build a massively diversified portfolio. Of course, that would take a lot of work and several exchanges and wallets to build that kind of portfolio. Or you could just buy one token — GLO.

GLO is the native token of the upcoming Uniglo platform, an investment DAO that will be launching in mid-October. The mission is to build a massively diverse portfolio of the types of assets mentioned — probably including MANA, SAND, and VET. 

All members of the DAO get to vote on which assets are worthy of investment. All investments are made from a common treasury funded by a 10% royalty on all aftermarket sales of GLO tokens. Because this is about long-term investing, both the buyer and the seller must donate 5% to the treasury. As a result, money is constantly fowing into the treasury no matter which way the market is headed. The more volatile the markets become, the faster the Uniglo treasury grows. The only time funds come out of the treasury is if the community votes to use some of the profits to buy back and burn tokens. 

In fact, GLO tokenomics are eternally deflationary. In addition to the 5% royalties, 2% of all GLO sales are auto-burned by the Uniglo smart contract. As with the treasury which is constantly going up, the circulating supply of GLO is always going down. And, again, the more volatile the markets, the faster the supply dwindles.

Together, the treasury fee and the burns are meant to greatly squelch the volatility of the token. Not only does this encourage early adoption and long-term holding, it also discourages short-term trading. 


As you might guess, these tokenomics greatly benefit early investors. The project is currently running a direct ICO through their website. The token is currently priced at $0.013 and is expected to rise upon the final presale round. All unsold tokens will be burned prior to going onto exchanges which could raise the price again. No new tokens will ever be minted after launch.

It’s highly likely, however, that the presale will sell out, so if you’re interested in getting into this investment community don’t procrastinate. 

The fact that Uniglo makes massively diversified long-term investing so simple — just buy and hold GLO — gives this project a real shot at being one of the first DeFi projects to attain mass adoption. If the mainstream picks up on this, even a small investment in the ICO could bring life-changin wealth in the coming years and decades.

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