Europol launched a new campaign on Wednesday, in continuing investigations for the EU’s most wanted criminals, five of which are wanted for crimes committed in Cyprus.

The new campaign breaks down the individuals on the list into playing cards and categorises them based on their role in criminal organisations.

Only two of the most wanted in Cyprus are included in this campaign, as they are wanted for participation in the work of the criminal organisation Pink Panthers, a ring of jewellery thieves that committed several robberies in Limassol between 2007 and 2013.

The categories for the crime ring roles are King (head of crime ring), Queen (drug traffickers), Jack (violent criminals), and Joker (facilitators).

The two individuals wanted in Cyprus, Goran Mladenovic and Goran Milasinovic, are categorised as Jacks, as they are wanted for armed robberies of jewellery shops in Limassol.

Mladenovic is being sought for a robbery committed in December 2012, where two perpetrators thought to belong in the Pink Panthers crime ring broke the wall and entered via a next door building into the jewellery shop and managed to steal valuables amounting to €617,081. They fled the scene after they were chased by a security guard. Forensic examination of the scene managed to isolate a DNA profile that was matched to the Serbian national.

Milasinovic is being sought for a 2009 robbery where three armed persons entered a jewellery shop in Limassol and stole goods worth €212,936.

The other three most wanted in Cyprus are individuals being sought in murder investigations.

Ahmet Sali and Mehmet Akpinar are wanted for the 2016 murder of British national George Low in Ayia Napa. Both suspects entered Cyprus from the north, and following an altercation with Low, who was fatally injured, the two fled back to the north, and were only tried by a court there for illegal entry.

They are still wanted by the Cyprus police to stand trial for the murder of Low.

The last individual on the list for Cyprus is Aleks Burelli, who is wanted for the murder of three people in an Ayia Napa bar in 2016. During the shoot-out, Burelli and his accomplice killed three people. His accomplice was killed in the gunfire.