Cyprus Mail

Man arrested in SBA-Limassol police drugs bust case

Limassol Court

Police on Monday arrested a 20-year-old man who is being brought before court in connection with the discovery of over 16 kilos of cannabis in the house of a 41-year-old held in custody since early October.

The 41-year-old had been arrested on British bases territory, when he was found to be in possession of six kilos of the drug. The bases police requested the assistance of local police, who conducted a search of the 41-year-old’s apartment in Polemidia, where two travel suitcases containing a total of 15.94 kilos of cannabis were found in the bedroom. Subsequently, a bag containing an additional 383 grams of cannabis  was located in an open area near the house.

After a hearing held at the British bases, the 41-year-old handed himself over to Cyprus police on October 7 and was detained under a court warrant.

The suspect is said to be implicating himself in the case and after testimony members of the drug squad, Ykan, proceeded with the arrest.

The case of the six kilograms of cannabis is being separately investigated by SBA police.

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