Hellenic Bank on Thursday announced a number of changes to its banking services, aiming to empower its meeter greeter service, which in turn will help customers become more comfortable with using alternative banking channels.

At the same time, from December 15, 2022, changes will be made to the way certain services can be carried out in-store.

According to the bank, cash deposits and withdrawals for amounts less than €500 will be made exclusively at ATMs, while deposits from third parties for any amount will not be accepted at cash registers.

Hellenic Bank has clarified that the above applies to accounts of natural persons, while currency deposits over €200 will be made exclusively in stores that have Cash360 machines.

It was noted that vulnerable population groups who are unable to use ATMs will continue to be served normally through the bank’s cashier stations.

Additionally, from November 1, 2022, the following services will now be offered in specific stores, which will be posted on the bank’s website: transactions with foreign banknotes (purchase, withdrawal, deposit), as well as the issuance of foreign currency cheques.

“Hellenic Bank customers can be served by the wide and pan-Cypriot network of new generation ATMs 24/7 and carry out daily banking operations such as free cash withdrawals and deposits with direct credit to linked accounts or credit cards, check deposits, view their account balances to print their IBAN, and more,” the bank said.

“The bank wishes to remind its customers that there is also the possibility of depositing checks through ATMs or a free check collection service (courier) from customer offices (for more than six (6) cheques),” the bank added.

Furthermore, the bank stated that its customers can subscribe to its online channels without visiting a store by filling out a simple online application, and carrying out transactions using their personal online passwords.

Finally, the bank said that it has 11 Cash360 coin and 5 Cash360 notes machines in selected stores in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca, offering the possibility of depositing a large amount of coins with the use of a special code.


The Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation (Koap) on Thursday announced that it has paid out €299,469 to a number of applicable recipients, with 100 per cent of payments being made from European Union funds.

“Financial aid to the Recognised Organisations of Fruit and Vegetable Producers is granted for actions aimed at ensuring production planning and adapting it to demand, especially in terms of quality and quantity,” the organisation said.

“The funding is also aimed at improving or maintaining product quality, improving marketing, environmental actions, crisis prevention and management and training, sharing information on best practices (except those related to crisis prevention and management) and promoting access in consulting and technical assistance services,” Koap added.


The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) ended Thursday, October 20 with profits.

The general Cyprus Stock Market Index was at 74.69 points at the end of the day, reflecting a rise of 0.11 per cent over the previous day of trading.

The FTSE / CySE 20 Index was at 44.81 points, which represents an increase of 0.09 per cent.

The total value of transactions came up to €67,479.

In terms of the sub-indexes, the alternative index rose by 0.13 per cent, while the investment firm and main indexes fell by 0.95 per cent and 0.02 respectively. The hotel index remained stable.

The biggest investment interest was attracted by the Bank of Cyprus (+0.74 per cent), Logicom (+1.76 per cent), Salamis Tours (+2.56 per cent), and Atlantic Insurance (+0.67 per cent).