Legislators on Tuesday called out a number of municipalities for intending to charge homeowners a fee for installing solar panels, and demanded the immediate scrapping of the fee.

In parliament, MPs said they had just learned that the interior ministry has issued a decree which allows local government authorities to impose a one-time fee linked to the installation of solar panels. The fee has been set at a minimum of €75.

MPs said certain municipalities – such as Engomi, Ayios Athanasios, Limassol – have already begun charging the fee.

Lawmakers called this unacceptable, adding that extra costs would deter people from transitioning to renewable sources. The move, they said, also comes at the worst possible time, when people face high electricity prices.

Disy deputy Kyriacos Hadjiyannis said they would check whether municipalities continue this practice, and if they do, lawmakers will not hesitate to intervene with legislation.

The philosophy of both the government and parliament, said Hadjiyannis, is that as few hurdles as possible should be placed in the path to the ‘green transition’.

MPs have previously asked for a reduction in the red tape regarding the installation of renewables.

Instead, they said, municipalities are now asking for more and more information from people applying for solar panels.