Partners VMLY&R shone as the first communication company in terms of honours at the 2022 Carob Awards, the biggest night in the calendar of Cypriot advertising.

The total of 25 Carob Awards – seven Golds, six Silvers and 12 Bronze – attest to our passion, enthusiasm and hard work on behalf of our clients, inspiring us to create further game-changing campaigns.

For this result, we owe a huge debt of thanks to all our clients and the entire Cypriot market. To all our advertisers and non-advertisers, who challenge us, test us, trust us.

We thank them because it is the challenges they offer us that push us to go one step further each time, to set the bar even higher. Success is the result of teamwork, both ours and of our customers and partners, in trying to meet these challenges, to stand out, to make a difference, to change the game.

The awards are proof that when strategy meets creativity and open-mindedness, the result leaves a golden imprint in all our minds, as advertisers, audience and consumers. They are also a promise that, as Partners, we will continue, with even greater enthusiasm, to create campaigns that speak to the heart and mind, changing the game every time.

In this victory, we are all Partners; thank you.