The interest of students, graduates and young people has proved to be particularly intense, once again this year, in the #YouthEmpowered programme, which is now co-organised by Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus, the Career Centre and the Department of Business and Public Administration of the University of Cyprus.

The educational initiative of Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus, which has become an institution since 2017, returned this year with a physical presence at the University of Cyprus, to provide knowledge, skills, networking and mentoring to youngsters between 18-30 years old, and to empower them to pursue meaningful employment opportunities in an ever-changing job market.

This year’s programme started on October 19, with the Green thematic module dedicated to “Sustainability and Circular Economy”, and dynamically continued on November 2 with the Blue thematic module “LinkedIn – A Big Opportunity”. Distinguished Communication and Marketing Consultant and Trainer George Zervides explained to young people LinkedIn’s contribution to finding a job and its significance to personal branding. Participants had the opportunity to understand why the platform is not only important, but also necessary, for the modern job market and how employers use it for their recruitment needs. During the workshop, each participant created his/her own LinkedIn account, under the expert guidance of Zervides.

The pioneering #YouthEmpowered Program of Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus continues on Wednesday, November 9, with the Yellow thematic module, which is dedicated to social media and content creation. Under the guidance of renowned executives from the business world, as well as of new faces particularly popular within Generation Z, young people will learn about the role of social media and the importance of personal branding in the job search.

Digital Image Strategy Manager of The Coca-Cola Company Europe, George Xanthakis, will thoroughly analyse the dynamics of social media personal branding. Participants will learn the importance of personal brand management on major platforms as an effective job-finding tool.

Thereafter, OnTime Media Founder and Cyprus podcasting pioneer Yannos Tran, will analyse the popular topic of content creation. The Cypriot content creator will give useful advice on how content uploaded to platforms can become the key to success in the new era, and how this could offer a competitive advantage for a product or even a personal brand.

Meanwhile, the following three successful social media advocates from Cyprus have stepped into the limelight to offer inspiration through their own personal stories and share with participants the obstacles to overcome, as well as the experience gained on their journey as influencers.

Stephani Pericleous

Stephani is a brand unto herself. Her artistic nature, combined with technology and her hard work, makes her one of the ultimate TikTok pioneers in Cyprus and abroad. Her TikTok account has more than 700,000 followers – both from Cyprus and abroad.

What is truly remarkable about her success is that she is only 19 years old and already lists important collaborations with world-renowned brands.

Pan Dragomir

During the coronavirus pandemic, Pan started a comedy account on TikTok that currently has 98,000 followers. This initiative, in addition to her online success, opened the door to her for collaborations with well-known brands and companies in Cyprus, leading to her next career milestone as a presenter on a well-known TV show alongside Louis Patsalides. Furthermore, she has also taken her first steps as a radio producer at Kiss FM 89.0.

Andreas Tomazou

Solo traveller and now businessman Andreas Tomazou could not be be left out of this successful trio. Andreas started travelling alone and documenting his experience on social media. His persistence has brought him great success on social media, winning him more than 60,000 followers.

In addition to his travel experiences, Andreas founded the Burger Guy chain, with two stores already in Cyprus, while also recently expanding the brand to the United Arab Emirates. The 29-year-old is full of zest for life and ready to share his experiences and lessons learned with the student community of the University of Cyprus, and any young person who wishes to see him and hear what he has to say.

Open your professional journey, starting out with Social Media

We are waiting for you on Wednesday November 9, 2022 at #YouthEmpowered to learn why personal branding is important nowadays, but also how smart content can pave new roads for your professional career. With the presence of Coca-Cola Europe, as well as of renowned Cypriot creators and advocates from your own generation, this is a thematic module you shouldn’t miss!

  • University of Cyprus – Room 010 – Social Facilities Centre Building
  • November 9, 2022
  • 3-6pm

The timeless institution of #YouthEmpowered returns to provide knowledge, skills and mentoring to youngsters who wish to make their dreams come true. The programme is held at the Building of Social Facilities Centre KOD07 (Room 010) of the University of Cyprus, from 3-6pm.

To register for #Youth Empowered by Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus, click here.