Tomato prices are up almost a euro from €2.24 per kilo to €3.28 as of the latest consumer protection agency report, which logged more modest increases on other products.

The Friday report found that potatoes increased in price by 22.4 per cent at €1.45 per kilo over the past month, with field cucumbers up 10.8 per cent – reaching €2.72.

It further found that the cheapest available 1kg container of sugar is up by 12.6 per cent, reaching €1.37, while a PDO halloumi brand rose by 9.8 per cent.

Other sectors were down, however, with some fish selling for about ten per cent less.

Compared to September 2021, which the agency used as the benchmark, the biggest increase in November 2022 is in vegetables which are up 65.56 per cent. Next were oils with an increase of 35.78 per cent and cheese, which increased by 27.30 per cent.