Parliament on Thursday sought to clarify questions raised after House President Annita Demetriou’s published a declaration of gifts she received since taking her post.

The move prompted questions about other MPs and why similar documents were not shared by deputies for reasons of transparency.

“According to the code of ethics, those who received a gift between €50 – €150 during their time in parliament, are required to declare this,” a parliamentary statement said.

Deputies who did not receive gifts are not required to submit any form related to this and thus, parliament is not required to publish a non-declaration.

Gifts valued at over €150 require a written report on the reasons and conditions they were accepted.

Demetriou’s most expensive gift is listed as worth €500 from the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates – described as a 21Κ gold plated necklace.

Other presents include a second-hand Electra Loft bike she lists as worth €300 from Nicosia cyclists. Her Order of Merit from the Republic of Poland is valued at €250 while on the cheaper end, Demetriou lists an icon of Christ and an icon of St Savvas valued at €100 each.

The full declaration can be found here.