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Turkish Cypriot journalist arrested

tc journalist kazim denizci
Kazim Denizci

Journalist Kazim Denizci was arrested in the north on charges of aiding a terrorist organisation, reports said on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper Avrupa, Denizci, who writes for their paper as a columnist and is also a member of the United Cyprus Party (BKP), was arrested by police on Tuesday, after searching his home.

Denizci was arrested based on two articles he took from the Kurdish news agency Firat, and then published in the newspaper Radikal Kibris.   

During their searches on the journalist’s home, police did not seize any evidence, the news in the north reported.

Another newspaper, Bugun Kibris, reported that it has not been possible to find who gave the order for the arrest.

The newspaper wrote that when the police spoke to their lawyers, they said their actions occurred following a request, but then added that there is no accuser.

Meanwhile, Denizci has been released on bail of 200,000 Turkish Lira (€10,364), following his appearance in court on Wednesday.

He will appear in court for a trial later, and he is barred from leaving the north, and must appear before police once a month.

Commenting on the arrest of its member, Turkish Cypriot journalists’ union (Basın-Sen) said that Denizci was arrested in violation of freedom of expression and opinion for publishing two news stories on his social media website citing the source from which they came.

“Only in backward and weak democratic countries is it considered an offense to publish a news item and/or article that a journalist has found in any place and furthermore the fact that he does so by referring to the source,” reads the union’s statement.

They stressed that freedom of thought is non-negotiable for them, that they will not remain silent to pressure, intimidation, games, and undemocratic practices and that they will stand by Kazim Denizci.

“We have not and will not remain silent in the face of this fascism,” the union said.


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