Police arrested six people yesterday at Paphos and Larnaca airports to facilitate inquiry into five cases of forgery and circulation of false documents, and one case of impersonation.

According to a police statement, on Sunday afternoon, three male suspects, aged 22, 23, and 24, arrived at Paphos airport intending to depart for Europe. During passport control, they presented passports of a European country, suspected to be fake.

A fourth suspect, a 30-year-old man, also arrived on Sunday at the departures area of the same airport, intending to leave for the same country and during passport control presented an ID card so far believed to be genuine, however, not belonging to the suspect. Police are investigating the circumstances under which the ID came into the man’s possession.

The four suspects, who are all third country nationals residing legally in Cyprus, were arrested and detained for ongoing investigation by the Paphos police.

Police in Larnaca on Sunday arrested two other male suspects, aged 18 and 24, after they tried to depart on separate flights to two European countries, presenting European ID cards believed to be fakes.

Police established these suspects are also third country nationals, one residing legally in the Republic while the second was found to have entered the country illegally. Both were taken into custody as investigations by Larnaca CID continue.