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No question over support to Ukraine, Tamasos bishop says

bishop of tamasos
Bishop of Tamasos Isaias

Tamasos Bishop Isaias on Wednesday expressed his support to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, over his views on the war in Ukraine.

Isaias was visiting the patriarch in Fener, Turkey, after an invitation to participate in a liturgy and ordain a deacon.

“With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the theological facts, we could only support the decisions of the Ecumenical Patriarch,” Bishop Isaias said.

Asked if his participation in the church liturgy with the attendance of a representative from the Ukrainian church reflected support to the church, Tamassou said “it is the continuation of our support to the Ecumenical Patriarch.”

The war in Ukraine has created a schism in religious circles in Cyprus. Bartholomew has condemned the invasion and subsequent support from the Russian church. Nonetheless, as elections for the new archbishop approach, some bishops are favoured by the Russian church.

In 2020 the Holy Synod voted in favour of confirming the recognition of the Ukraine Church but the bishops of Limassol, Tamasos, Morphou, Amathounda and Neapolis – still refuse to acknowledge the result of that vote.

Recently Bishop of Tamasos Isaias denounced the Russian Patriarchate categorically, because it supported the war in Ukraine.

The bishop had been a staunch supporter of Russia, but said that had “blown up after the first bomb hit Ukraine”.


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