The Akamas Landowners Association on Friday said it expects the auditor-general to call them to hand over evidence it has in its possession of what it says is a “scandal” in environmental studies and expressed disappointment at the AG’s statements regarding the Akamas peninsula.

In a statement issued on Friday afternoon, the association also claimed that the auditor-general “misleads Cypriot citizens, since it is reported that since 1989 there have been appeals by landowners regarding the decisions on the White Zone and the reduction of building rates and they have lost in court”.
Until today, there have never been any decisions by a Cypriot court on the issue of compensation because there have been no final decisions to date since appeals were only made on the issue of zones, the group said.

Recently, the announcement added, “political lawsuits were filed based on the opinion of reputable lawyers, which we have received as the association of owners based on Article 23 of the Constitution of of owners the Republic of Cyprus, while there will be hundreds of other lawsuits.”

The Akamas Landowners Association noted that they have already delivered the legal opinion to President Nicos Anastasiades and to the Interior Minister Nicos Nouris, and said that they await the personal intervention of the auditor-general to immediately examine their complaints.

They warned that if he does not do so, then they will make public the studies and maps of 2013 and 2014 with all the evidence and that the response of the Akamas Landowners will be the now massive lawsuit against the state for compensation, a right for every owner based on Article 23 of the Constitution.