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Top Crypto price gainers: Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) and Minifootball (MINIFOOTBALL)


Many groups of experienced investors are assessing projects with a view to understanding which is most likely to generate significant returns. Minifootball has seen some significant gains recently, but it’s another project — Orbeon Protocol — that many are calling out after impressive growth numbers; 655% has already been achieved during phase 1 and 2, with the former number still growing.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol is set to shake up the world of venture capital, by using blockchain technology to build an ecosystem that can benefit both businesses seeking funding and the millions of micro-investors looking for opportunities. 

Orbeon Protocol’s Exchange is a multi-chain launchpad that is the flagship of the investment platform. It allows exciting early-stage companies across web3 and beyond to raise funds by opening the doors to everyday investors. It achieves this through the use of fractionalized equity-backed NFTs, providing irrefutable proof of ownership directly on the blockchain.

Orbeon Protocol’s OBRN token plays a critical role in the functioning of the ecosystem; the token is required for use of the launchpad by both companies running investment campaigns, and the investors themselves.Orbeon Protocol’s ORBN also provides some impressive wider benefits, such as voting rights on the governance of the platform and trading discounts and cashback on Orbeon Swap — the secondary market and cryptocurrency trading platform. 

Orbeon Protocol’s team has shown their deep understanding of the importance of safety and security, with ORBON token liquidity locked for ten years, and even the team’s token allocation locked for a year prior to quarterly releases. Not only this, but the smart contracts have been audited by Solid Proof and feature a “Fill or Kill” mechanism, that ensures investor funds are immediately returned if a campaign does not meet its funding target.


Minifootball – The Meme Coin Transitioning to Gaming

Minifootball has seen some interesting price rises in recent weeks, off the back of the project’s latest round of marketing. Minifootball began as a meme coin that focuses on Doge and soccer but has since pivoted in light of its popularity to NFTs and gaming.

Minifootball features an ambitious roadmap as it looks to redefine itself as a more serious project that can stay relevant over the long run. A fantasy football game was previously in the works, with a Play-to-Earn soccer game also promoted on the minifootball website.

Minifootball has yet to deliver much in terms of releases but has been successful in its marketing efforts, with the likes of Ronaldinho publicly backing the project. However, whether the team can capitalize on the increased attention remains to be seen.



There’s no doubt that minifootball and Orbeon Protocol are set to rise, experts believe that Orbeon Protocol is the most lucrative project available predicting a surge in token price by 6000% to $0.24 by the end of year. 

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