With the aim of making culture accessible to all, the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation launches the new multi-sensory project Aisthiseis. The cultural foundation, in full alignment with the Bank of Cyprus ESG principles and in coordination with the principles for the social development of museums espoused by the H2020 ReInherit programme, of which it is a coordinator, is making permanent changes to its museums and actions that promote and facilitate the participation of all people with disabilities and vulnerable people in culture.

This effort reflects the belief espoused by both the foundation and the bank that every society is defined primarily by its culture, and in culture no one is redundant, and no one should be prevented from participating for the benefit of society.

In this direction, Aisthiseis hopes to remove some of the barriers faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable people for the benefit of all and with a view to designing a better and fairer society. The Aisthiseis project consists of a series of activities and adaptations within the museums and the exhibitions of the Cultural Foundation such as permanent video-taped guided tours in Cypriot sign language, tactile stations, statue replicas, vases and coins from the collections of the foundation’s museums, audio tours and a Museum Guide.

The project will also include a series of activities and adaptations to the entire annual programme of events such as guided tours in sign language, multi-sensory tours for people with various disabilities as well as implementation of the multisensory experience across all events of the Cultural Foundation.

Moreover, specially designed workshops by experts that aim to promote the inclusion of all in museum activities will take place. The workshops will revolve around the subjects of art therapy, museum education, therapeutic ceramics, therapeutic experiential storytelling and creative writing.

Lastly, a multi-sensory museum suitcase, which will travel to sites and organisations outside of the cultural foundation will be part of the project as well as training for staff and those in the public interested in better reaching and serving those with disabilities.

At the same time, the Cultural Foundation will emphasise public awareness of groups with disabilities and the inclusive society under the tripartite motto ‘More senses – Fewer Barriers – Better society’.

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. Tel: 22-128157. www.boccf.org